Map of casinos in Oklahoma

WinStar Casino Hotels in Oklahoma – The Two Famous Casinos in the OK Conference

Bill Kerley is the founder of winstar casino hotels Oklahoma. It was in 1980 that he opened the doors to his first of many casinos in the world, the Waking Poker Hotel. The success of the Waking Poker Hotel and Casino has since then led to the opening of many more all across the world, namely in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco, and now Oklahoma City. In this article, I will look at the two newest in this area, WinStar Casino hotels Oklahoma.

Bill Kerley’s original winstar casino hotels in Oklahoma included the Holiday Inn Express and the Golden Corral. While both are still owned by Bill Kerley today, the Express is now run by his son Damon. Damon runs the Holiday Inn while his father continues to run the winter world headquarters out of Las Vegas, NV. Recently Damon has taken over the reigns of the world’s largest and most successful winter property, the Grand Palace, for himself.

Damon Kerley’s other two winstar casino hotels Oklahoma include the Aladdin Hotel and the Stone Street Inn. Both are well known for their classy accommodations and extensive gambling options. I had a chance to stay at both of these and had a great time in the beautiful state of Oklahoma. Hopefully these articles will help you decide if this part of the United States is right for you.

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